Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Needle Bound Podcasts

So, I have taken to knitting IN A MAJOR WAY. I think about knitting, I dream about knitting, I go to sit n stitches, I even listen to podcasts about (you guessed it!) KNITTING! One of the newer women to do a podcast is Lizzy over at Needle Bound. I am so loving her quirkiness and the fact that she is just getting into it like me is a bonus. She also has a group on Ravelry. For those of you who would like to learn to knit or love podcasts or both. Check her out. She is awesome!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm a natural mother...

"You cant hurt her by putting her down sometimes"

"Doesn't that hurt your back?"

"Is that thing safe?"

I hear these things all the time. Why should I put my baby down? She is happy, I'm alright with her there, and its perfectly safe.

Children grow up so fast and stop wanting to be snuggled. I will miss it when she gets to be her sisters age and only wants cuddles at bedtime or when she is hurting. I want her close to me as long as possible. I have the calmest baby ever when I'm wearing her. Why should I let her scream when there is a easy fix that that I ENJOY?

Babywearing has been around FOREVER! American's are just behind in so many things when it comes to being a natural mother. By that I mean Babywearing, Co Sleeping, and above all BREASTFEEDING! Anywhere else I could breast feed my daughter till she was 3 and no one would look at me like I was abusing her. Why are breast so sexualized (spelling?) in the USA? Is it media? I really don't know where this attitude comes from?

People have been cosleeping for a very long time. Family beds were very common up until about 1900. I want to sleep with my girls! I sleep better knowing they are alright. There are steps I take when sleeping with them to be safe.

Questioning me in a nice way is alright for I love to educate people but please don't judge me. Don't tell me how to raise my children and push your child rearing beliefs on me. I will do the same for you!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wean me Gently

 One of my friends put this on the baby board that I go to. I loved is so much and it is so true! I wanted to share it with all of you :) Please don't cry like I did, I think my hormones are still sort of wacky LOL.

Wean Me Gently

by Cathy Cardall

I know I look so big to you,

Maybe I seem too big for the needs I have.

But no matter how big we get,

We still have needs that are important to us.

I know that our relationship is growing and changing,

But I still need you. I need your warmth and closeness,

Especially at the end of the day

When we snuggle up in bed.

Please don't get too busy for us to nurse.

I know you think I can be patient,

Or find something to take the place of a nursing;

A book, a glass of something,

But nothing can take your place when I need you.

Sometimes just cuddling with you,

Having you near me is enough.

I guess I am growing and becoming independent,

But please be there.

This bond we have is so strong and so important to me,

Please don't break it abruptly.

Wean me gently,

Because I am your mother,

And my heart is tender.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Breastfeeding has become my gateway drug

I was thinking about it tonight and Breastfeeding has lead me to so many new good things in my life. It is my gateway into the crunchy world. Breastfeeding lead me CoSleeping which lead to babywearing, babywearing led me to cloth diapering.

All this seems to be making me a better mother to my girls. I'm not saying Breastfeeding is right for everyone. Formula has its place in our society. But at this time in my life breastfeeding is making me a better person. 

My house is cleaner then ever. I enjoy doing laundry. Dont get me wrong I'll always hate doing dishes :) I'm sewing more. I'm loving life.  I'm spending time just gazing in wonder at the lives that I brought into this world.

I have to work on being a better wife. I'm not a horrid wife by any means. I feel like my kids get ALL of my attention and there is none left over for M some days. I love M. He is a great husband and father. He allows me to stay home with our babies without complaining (too much LOL). He supports me in just about everything. He is my best friend!

I have started to wish I could go back and continue breastfeeding A longer. I feel now as if I cheated her out of a wonderful experience. I'm close to her but I guess I'm missing that bonding time that I get to have with C.  I normally go by the code of "Regret nothing for it lead you to now!". I hate feeling regret because it is pointless.

I don't know if its where I am in my life but I feel like I am in a good place for the first time in a long time.  When I ask myself "What was I put on this earth for? Why was I born?" I feel like I have that answer. I was born to be a mother to A and to C. Someday they will do something wonderful and be someone important. They have too! They are already the most important to me.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

And the winner is

 The winner of our Toy Sling Review and giveaway is...

Lisanne!!!! Congratulaions! Please get with me about your address and choice of fabric for you toy sling :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just a reminder...

The Review and giveaway ends tonight so if you haven't entered yet please do so here

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday blog hop Toddler style!

Hosted by The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom, Family and Life in Las Vegas, and Crazy about my Baybah.

This week’s topic is  : Extended Family!

Tell us about your toddler's favorite extended family members! 

A loves her family. All of her family. But of all the family members there are two that she asks for daily!

She starts the day, EVERY day, asking for her Nama and if she cant go over to house right away panic ensues. Lucky Nama is pretty accommodating and lives right next door. This is my Mother in Law and I adore this women. 

Next is Uncle Billy. This is my youngest Brother. He just got back from a 2ish month cross country trip. I'm very happy he had fun but we all missed him. A  especially. He bought her a sticker map that she would mark the states he was in at that time. He is going to make a great Daddy someday.