Friday, June 18, 2010

A was in A Local Talent show :)

We (Risingsun Youth Community Theater) had a Talent show benefit for a family in town that lost their house to a fire last month. It was a TON of work and that is what I was stressing about all week. Last night was our dress rehearsal and A (who I thought was goofing around) wanted to get up and sing, not much was going on so I let her (in front of 15-20 people). It was really cute but I didn't think anything of it really. Then she said she wanted to be IN THE SHOW... I thought "what the heck if she gets up there and gets scared, she is 2 no one would say anything." I wasn't judging so It wasn't a big deal. So I paid her fee ($2 woohoo) and asked my niece H (also performed) If when A went up if she would go up with her and tell her what to sing. H said sure no problem. And A

WON A PRIZE ($5 to Dairy Queen)!

I was shocked... She sang Baa baa Black sheep and her ABC's like they were nothing then my little ham says "Thank you, Thank you VERY much!" and took a bow.

There were like 50+ people there! She was not scared AT ALL! I was amazed!

On a even better side note: We raised $600 for this family and in our very small rural community that is REALLY good. I would have been happy with $300, I am amazed at the kindness still in people!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love my husband! I love the time he spends with our daughter. I also love our daughter, and her demented sense of humor at 2.5 years. Its the greatest! This is a completely True Story that happened yesterday. The things that come out of her mouth amaze me sometimes. She has the vocabulary of at least a 10 year old because we have never used *baby* talk with her, and also, my kid is like mega smart! :)

My hubs is mad, cussing, ranting and tearing apart the mouse for the computer that we bought about 3 months ago and is now freezing up on us CONSTANTLY! (Logitech YOU SUCK!)

He has his screwdrivers out, his wire cutters, his electrical tape.

I'm watching him, Wondering when he will give up, but know if I say anything, (for example "Lets just go buy a new mouse!") he will become all cavemanish and pout about not being able to do his manly duty and *fix* the problem.

I turn to look at A who is getting mad because one of her toys is not working, she looks at her daddy, looks at her toy, looks back at her daddy, picks up her toy and takes it over to her daddy.

I'm expecting Husband to react in frustration at being interrupted in the middle of *fixing* his mouse.

"Daddy Can you PLEASE fix my toy? Its broke!"

(this toy)

Daddy looks up, the crazy "I can fix anything" look in his eyes still present. Shakes his head, the look is gone!

I'm amazed!

"Sure baby, what is wrong with it?"

"Its broke! This one door wont open! SEE?"

"Yep, I see! Lets take a look at it!"


He pulls said toy apart, taking time to let A *help* hold the screws that hold it together. Inside this toy we find part a necklace that I have never seen before (my sister gave us this toy so I'm thinking its hers). He starts putting this silly toy back together, A is still holding the 9 screws that go in the back.

"Can you help Daddy some more and put a screw right here in this hole?"


"Good job! How about putting one right here?"

"Sure, This is AMAZING!"

Her newest word is amazing and in this case I too am amazed! This is just the sweetest Daddy/Daughter moment ever! I'm capturing it in my mind to play it back over and over! My hormones are working overdrive and I'm attempting not to cry with happiness!

Then the moment passes...My silly funny daughter couldn't let this one pass

"Daddy's screwy, HAHAHA because of the screws! My toy is screwy!"

I lose it! Tears are rolling down my face, We are all cracking up! My silly funny girl!

In the end, The toy is fixed, and the mouse is *fixed*. I am amazed at my husband who always manages to do the unexpected when I least expect him too.

(our sad mouse!)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

C's room

Still disorganized and all that but I wanted to share her seriously cute bedding with you all and the "catpiller" gift for C from A...

Notice the "Holy Cotton Candy Batman Pink" on the walls. Hubby and Mom in law were not pleased...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nesting and being abused by a 2 year old

When the hell is this nesting going to kick in? My house is a MESS! C's room is only half done, dishes in the sink, living room very disorganized! Hell, even my daughter needs a bath! I really need some motivation!

My wonderful, funny, cute, smart daughter? So sick of her hitting and kicking me! Time outs not working, sticker charts also not working, last resort spankings NOT WORKING! I'm at my wits end here people. Today for the first time she hit someone else! UGGGGGGGGGGGG any advise?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Helping Sam!

See My new Help Sam button? Over there with all the blogs I read? The one with the adorable baby boy? Ok, good.

That is Sam. Baby Sam has cancer. Stage 4 neuroblastoma. My heart breaks thinking of him and his family. He is 6 months old.

The fundraiser at Baby Rabies is amazing and awesome and has met and exceeded goal after goal so far... The current goal of $7500 by June 11th would cover a few months worth of COBRA coverage for Sam. As if they didn't have enough to deal with, they have to worry about insurance?

To read more from Sam's family please click here to visit their blog.

Let's just say that really, this could be my baby, or your baby or my cousin's baby. But it's Alex & Cassie's baby and he deserves a chance and his parents deserve some breathing room.