Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funny Husband!

Last night we went out and left Addi home. We went to a friend of ours house for his birthday. Before I really start telling this story I should state that Mike drinks only on very rare occasions and here is why. By 1:30am this morning he was "Plastered""three sheets to the wind""Drunk" and "toasted"! His words, not mine. I made some new friends, Had a good time, and didn't drink anything. We leave I'm driving. Its a good 45 min. drive home. Mike decided to tell me how to drive home. He told me every speed limit sign, every turn to take, and every curve that was coming up. By the time we reached home I was giggling. It was a laugh or strangle him type thing. We had to stop 2x on the way home, once for him to pee and once for subway. We are finally home, Addi is asleep (Or so I think!), we walk in the door and (Mike is a very loud drunk) and Mike says (Yells!) "I gotta Piss!". So this morning I put Addi on the potty chair, She says "I Pissin Mommy!" I about died laughing!

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