Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm a natural mother...

"You cant hurt her by putting her down sometimes"

"Doesn't that hurt your back?"

"Is that thing safe?"

I hear these things all the time. Why should I put my baby down? She is happy, I'm alright with her there, and its perfectly safe.

Children grow up so fast and stop wanting to be snuggled. I will miss it when she gets to be her sisters age and only wants cuddles at bedtime or when she is hurting. I want her close to me as long as possible. I have the calmest baby ever when I'm wearing her. Why should I let her scream when there is a easy fix that that I ENJOY?

Babywearing has been around FOREVER! American's are just behind in so many things when it comes to being a natural mother. By that I mean Babywearing, Co Sleeping, and above all BREASTFEEDING! Anywhere else I could breast feed my daughter till she was 3 and no one would look at me like I was abusing her. Why are breast so sexualized (spelling?) in the USA? Is it media? I really don't know where this attitude comes from?

People have been cosleeping for a very long time. Family beds were very common up until about 1900. I want to sleep with my girls! I sleep better knowing they are alright. There are steps I take when sleeping with them to be safe.

Questioning me in a nice way is alright for I love to educate people but please don't judge me. Don't tell me how to raise my children and push your child rearing beliefs on me. I will do the same for you!


Crystal said...

I love that pic of you and baby! I too breastfed (all 4!) and was always looked at -like I was disgusting- if I had to nurse outside of my home. Crazy!! Cuddle them while you can, my oldest is almost 12 (2 weeks! YIKES!) and I have to chase him down for a hug. Hold them tight!!

Sue said...

That is such a sweet picture and I agree. Hold her day and night because it doesn't last that long that they want to be held. I miss when my kids were babies and now they are all grown up and I'm a Nana and honestly, it feels like just yesterday they were babies. Time goes by so quickly. Enjoy your sweet little one. :)
You sound so much like my daughter. She breastfeeds my grandson, co sleeps and baby wearing. :) If you are in IL you two should hang out!