Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday C, Welcome to the world!

I went in at 6am on Monday morning to be induced and it was the BEST labor ever! They started my patocin (spelling) at 7 and I was 3cm and 90%. They checked me again at 8ish and I was 4cm and 90%. My nurse was AWESOME, but her checking me HURT! The anesthesiologist came in at about 9 am to talk to me and tell me that she was going to be in surgery from 10:30-at least 12 and if I wanted it then there was no guarantee I would get my epidural. The contractions started to come really close together and and I wanted drugs at about 9:45 and talking to my nurse we decided to just go ahead and get my epidural due to the fact that the drugs would wear off before my epidural would be in (3 of us in L&D decided this at about the same time LOL but I won). I had no problem getting my epidural because she talked through the whole thing and I was contracting at the time so I didn't feel the pinches or the burn or whatever it was that I was suppose to feel. About 5 min. after it went in my BP dropped though so I dont remember about 20 min. DH said I was was vomiting and talking but I dont remember it. I was so numb that I couldn't help move myself so DH got a workout LOL. They turned it down at just the right time though so I could push. They came in at about 1pm while my nurse was on Lunch break to check me again and said I was still 4cm and 90%. I was very bummed. My nurse came back at about 1:30 and said that I was 8-9 and fully effaced and they were nuts. I was a much happier camper! She started bringing stuff into the room and at 1:55 I started to feel something down there. I started pushing at 2:05 and she was born at 2:22. Only a first degree tear ( I had 3rd with A) I was released in 24 hours.

8lbs 1oz
20 inches long

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