Sunday, October 3, 2010

New family members

This week we finally went to meet little M. He is 7 weeks younger then C. What a difference those 7 weeks make! He was born weighing more then her but WOW you would never guess that now. He is very long and feels fragile compared to C. He is not I'm just use to a chunk LOL. He has the MOST beautiful skin on any baby I have ever seen. I was just amazed. Even more amazing...HE WAS TRYING TO ROLL OVER! at a week and a half! My chunk just watched everything taking it all in LOL. She is too demanding to roll over! If it needs done Mommy or Sister can do it LOL.

And next we have A's new pets! Meet her 2 new African Dwarf Frogs Shooter and Bob (Bob is the smaller of the two). Yes she came up with the names all by her self. She kept asking me for a kitten but Daddy is anti kitten right now and Mommy does not want a divorce. Her fish that Tapa bought her 6 months ago are "on vacation in Hawaii" and have been since the day after we got them. These frogs are supposedly low maintenance. Feed every other day, clean water every 6 months (we will see about that one! Might be more then that) no pet hair to clean up. I'm not seeing a down side here.



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