Friday, June 18, 2010

A was in A Local Talent show :)

We (Risingsun Youth Community Theater) had a Talent show benefit for a family in town that lost their house to a fire last month. It was a TON of work and that is what I was stressing about all week. Last night was our dress rehearsal and A (who I thought was goofing around) wanted to get up and sing, not much was going on so I let her (in front of 15-20 people). It was really cute but I didn't think anything of it really. Then she said she wanted to be IN THE SHOW... I thought "what the heck if she gets up there and gets scared, she is 2 no one would say anything." I wasn't judging so It wasn't a big deal. So I paid her fee ($2 woohoo) and asked my niece H (also performed) If when A went up if she would go up with her and tell her what to sing. H said sure no problem. And A

WON A PRIZE ($5 to Dairy Queen)!

I was shocked... She sang Baa baa Black sheep and her ABC's like they were nothing then my little ham says "Thank you, Thank you VERY much!" and took a bow.

There were like 50+ people there! She was not scared AT ALL! I was amazed!

On a even better side note: We raised $600 for this family and in our very small rural community that is REALLY good. I would have been happy with $300, I am amazed at the kindness still in people!


Heather said...

How fun for her. And a great fundraiser too!
Enjoy the Dairy Queen!

kris said...

That is so cool that your daughter was brave and talented and lovely! SO awesome. And then she won a gift certificate for ice cream?

There will be no stopping her now!

New Contests said...

w0W SO NICE smile comes when i watch this :)