Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nesting and being abused by a 2 year old

When the hell is this nesting going to kick in? My house is a MESS! C's room is only half done, dishes in the sink, living room very disorganized! Hell, even my daughter needs a bath! I really need some motivation!

My wonderful, funny, cute, smart daughter? So sick of her hitting and kicking me! Time outs not working, sticker charts also not working, last resort spankings NOT WORKING! I'm at my wits end here people. Today for the first time she hit someone else! UGGGGGGGGGGGG any advise?


cheri said...

you're in a very difficult situation, dealing with a toddler and nesting.

maybe you can get someone to bring the girl out, like grandma, so you can tidy up the house a bit.

i'm no expert, but aside from the terrible twos, maybe your daughter is reacting to the new member of the family?

kris said...

Two year olds are way smart, and they know when things are about to change. Does you daughter like dolls? When my older daughter was not quite two and her little sister was fast approaching, I gave her a doll that she practiced with in all of the things we had for the new baby.

Her doll used the high chair, the swing, the crib, the car seat. She loved it.

And then when the baby came? She loved that as well.

But transitions? They are difficult.

Grandmas are lovely, if you have one willing to give you a break. Friends are also useful.

Take care of yourself,

Martini Mama said...

My husband and I decided that one child is enough for us, but my friend is pregnant with her 3rd. I keep telling her I am living this pregnancy with her since I wont be having anymore children. WELL...I have been in this cleaning fit for over a week and I keep telling her I am nesting for her, she wants me to come to her house! :)