Friday, September 10, 2010

Tears held in...and Rat dogs

My little girl is silly...I love that she clings to mommy, is girly and mostly sweet. That being said sometimes its all I can do to correct her without laughing at her antics. Today being case in point.

We went up to my "step-Moms" (D) because my dad and "sister" (L) were there and "sister" had breast pump parts for me.

This kind of freaked out my father a little LOL.

Well D has this dog (I guess you could call her a dog but she looks more like a rat to me!) Lena.

We had been at D's house for about an hour and everyone was on the porch including the dog and A was jumping around.

Lena is not the brightest dog and a toy Yorkie I should point out.

2lb rat dog + jumping toddler = toddler getting her butt tapped (by me) for "kicking" the dog. I later found out it was an accident but this ruff behavior with animals has been an ongoing thing.

A hides her eyes and is trying not to cry. I pick her up and hold her in my lap while she is upset. We talk and just when I think she will be ok and not cry...ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Oh, the tears were horrid, grandparents want to do the sweep in and hug but Mommy is all mean and holding her hostage.

I dont think she has ever been in trouble in front of Papa and Nana before so she was embarressed and crying/sobbing/snotting all over me.

Finally she crys "I want to go home".

Boy did I feel like the worlds meanest mom when I found out it was an accident (not the point but still).

When I asked her later why it took her so long to cry (seriously about 3 min.!) she said "I was so sad the tears were stuck!".

Tonight she spent all night telling me she will never hurt "ennie" again and she is sorry...

Lets hope she remembers and it works on all animals because Alex our Shitz Tzu cant take many more body slams from 30lb girls...

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kris said...

Awwww . . .

I was so sad the tears were stuck.

I know the feeling she describes perfectly. What a smart little girl.

It always hurts more to be punished in front of others. The humiliation stings something fierce. Sigh.

But those are lessons she is likely to remember.

To be gentle to animals.

And that Mom means business.

Good lessons, both.

Good job, mom!