Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something I feel very passionate about

is Gun Control. I believe that every person in The United States should own a gun and be trained on how to use it. People who whine and cry about how bad guns are piss me off. What they fail to understand is that its not the guns that are bad, its the people who have them. I'm a firm believer that there are more good people in this world then there are bad or "misguided" people. If everyone of those "Good" people had guns how much safer do you think this world would be? Do you really think that this little sign is going to keep the "bad" people out of your stores, malls, work, SCHOOLS? No! The only people its going to keep out is the people who RESPECT that area. You DO NOT LEGALLY OR FOR YOUR DAMN INSURANCE have to have this sign up! By the end of next year I will have my concealed carry license and I urge you to get yours as well if your state allows. Teach your children to respect guns by all means but understand that this county was built on people using guns (I'm by no means saying start a freakin war!) to defend what is ours. I will defend what is mine, Will you?

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