Sunday, May 2, 2010

I got blog of the Month!

WOOHOO, I'm so excited right now. I got blog of the month over at Granted I was only one of 3 that could have gotten it but still I'm happy :) A little about CS for those of you who have never been there.Stolen directly from the home page at CS because I couldn't say it better myself...

Chatter Scene, is a fabulous online community for women! Here you will find a welcoming group of women looking for friendship, advice, support and most importantly fun. We have several different groups so you can find the perfect fit. There are lots of sections for moms - those that are trying to conceive, pregnant moms, first time moms, moms of many, stay at home moms, working moms, student moms, adoptive moms and more. You can find people with children the same age as yours in our Born in forums.

Want to talk about your favorite show or the movie you just watched? Head over to the Entertainment forum. You'll find groups for primetime, daytime and miscellaneous shows. For those that love to read, we have a book forum with a discussions about a selected book or just any book. There's also a special subsection for Twilight fans.We have a health and beauty section to read and share tips and tricks. There is a weight loss sub group for those looking to lose a few pounds. Our members have a variety of hobbies outside of the internet as well and there are special places just to talk about those hobbies. We have a place for general crafting, sewing, knitting, photography, sports talk, gardening, cooking and a VERY active scrap room for both standard and digital scrappers.
If you are looking to find someone close to you, head over to our regional forums. There are several subgroups. We have members from all over the US, Canada and more. We have religion sections to discuss your beliefs and our debate forum is a great place to find differing opinions in a respectful atmosphere.In the Market Place, you can share coupons, read product reviews, contribute to the reviews, advertise your products or ask for one.

If you ever get a chance to stop over there Look me up. My Name over there is ~Katey~. Real hard to remember right?

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char_char said...

Katey, I'm so excited that your blog was chosen! (Even if there was only 3 of us that were in the running.) It's so fun to see how different everyone is. Congrats girl!!